"I got started buying on Elect Appliance Sales in mid-December 2013, and during my first month, and that was supposed to be the busiest time of year!

But then I started to implement some of the strategies my eBay mentor taught me, and within a couple of weeks, I'd ALREADY bought almost  €29,100.00 worth of products majorly Keyboards!

Thank you so much! I am looking so forward to working with you in the next few months."

Dan Byrne

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 "The standard of service and sales in Elect Appliance Sales  and everything during the shipment/delivery is top notch! I had a lot of relevant appointments and I prefer to deal with Elect Appliance Sales  again ."

Carole Hink - UK

"If you want to meet with important people and prominent musical equipment's dealers, Elect Appliance Sales is just right for you. The service is excellent, not only in the face-to-face meetings, but also the activities that help to strengthen the fresh relationships with foreign customers. "

Alejandro Ramirez- Mexico
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"The meetings are intimate, efficient and the products are of high quality. I can get the most out of the delivery in just three days. also about having fun! Also, the  Elect Appliance Sales 

website app is great!"


Yvonne Kers-de Buijzer – The Netherlands


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"This is one of the best trade shows! Excellent level of suppliers."


Christa Nohe

VCN - Russian Federation
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"I definitely saved time buying from Elect Appliance Sales  In only two days I got my order (Korg Pa1X 61-Key Professional Arranger Keyboard 20 units and 10 units Korg M3-88 Key Workstation/Sampler) in just 2 days. It works out - and the relationships I built will last for a lifetime."

Lisette A. Murray

HelmsBriscoe - USA
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"I am skipping ebay and plemix for Elect Appliance Sales – there services are better!"

Jeroen Buyink


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"I've been to this type of online transaction before and I must say Elect Appliance Sales are fantastically organised– very friendly team, great job!"

Ahmed Rilwan - Maldives



“#teamElect Appliance Sales

I use to be team android but ever since I got my apple iphone I will NEVER go back! love love love apple products!!! I have never had any issues and would recommend Elect Appliance Sales

Best Buy
Elect Appliance Sales
Funcional ... Confiable y Eficiente "
Para mí hasta ahora. Apple ha demostrado ser excelente ... tanto por la funcionalidad del producto como por un servicio confiable y eficiente ... cuando encontré un problema


Compre Apple iphone 8 em sua loja online e fiquei impressionado com as características adicionais do telefone. 
A exibição da retina foi ainda melhor e a câmera estava nítida e polida. 
Estou feliz por ter comprado.
Rico de Santos. Brazil

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“Hands down the best customer service ever!”
Elect Appliance Sales helped me resolve a problem with a computer that wasn't even purchased through them.They helped me resolve the problem and helped me to purchase a new one 
Thanks Man  Loko Roy

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Eu fui um cliente de cada empresa móvel lá fora, de uma vez ou outra. É uma pena como os outros lhe dão um ótimo plano e, ano após ano, o preço aumenta.
Moura Leandro